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Class size is limited for personalized attention, and many students have called them "quilting bees for jewelers". Join in to make new friends while you learn a new skill.

I have some new classes this year in seed bead jewelry, bead embroidery, beaded beads and ropes. Join in to learn some new skills.

If the class you seek isn't scheduled, never fear. Just contact me to arrange private lessons at my home studio. Or get a group of your friends together and we can have weekly classes at my home studio. To schedule a private class or workshop, email me at Leave your contact information, and I will get back to you immediately to schedule a date.

Bronze ClayC lass


Due to shoulder replacement this year I will be teaching all classes at my home studio. All classes listed below are available for individual or group instruction - get a few friends and learn a new skill together! Please contact me for scheduling and pricing. Studio space is limited to 6 students in a class.

Classes Available

Winter 2018 to 2019

Seed Bead Jewelry /> alt=

NEW! Seed Bead Jewelry - 6 weeks

Learn the basic stitches for making seed bead jewelry - right angle weave, peyote, ladder stitch and more! Bring your beads, 6 or 10 lb Fireline and size 10 & 12 needles and scissors and a workmat to class to start learning various weaves for jewelry making. Many different shapes and sizes can be used with these stitches, so bring a variety with you. You may want to start with size 8 beads to make it easy to see what you're doing, more experienced beaders can start with size 11s. You will learn how to use some of the new bead shapes that have come out recently also. Bring a magnifier for this one!

No group classes scheduled at this time - contact me for private lessons at my home studio - or put your own group together and I can come to you!

Beaded Beads and Ropes

NEW! Beaded Beads and Ropes - 6 weeks

Learn to make beads with your favorite material - beads! Learn various techniques to build beaded beads using seed beads and crystals. Also a bonus of a few simple to create beaded ropes to hang your sparkling creations from! Bring your beads (from 4mm to size 11 seed beads and anything in between!), 6lb Fireline, size 10 needles, scissors and a workmat to class. Just about any size or shape of bveads can be used for these projects, so bring a variety with you. Bring a magnifier for this one!

No group classes scheduled at this time - contact me for private lessons at my home studio - or put your own group together and I can come to you!

Weave Wrap Coil

 Note: I will not be teaching wirewrapping until next season due to shoulder replacement recovery.

Weave, Wrap, Coil - Advanced Wire and Bead Jewelry

This class is for people who have already taken "All Wired Up" and wish to continue on to more complex wire and bead designs. Projects include rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings incorporating wire weaving techniques and wire gauges 16, 18, 20 and 26. Build a frame of heavy gauge wire and use finer gauge wire to weave patterns and create beautiful jewelry. This technique requires some patience, but the results are spectacular!


No group classes scheduled at this time - contact me for private lessons at my home studio - or put your own group together and I can come to you!


Advanced Bronze Clay Workshop


Precious Metal Clay -Advanced Bronze Metal Clay Workshop - 6 weeks

Practice your advanced construction techniques in this class for experienced PMCer's only. Bring your tools, 200+ grams of Metal Adventures standard bronze metal clay, and expand your design possibilities! Create the projects of your choice, under the supervision of a metal clay instructor with over 16 years of experience. Projects can include rings, making settings for non-firing stones, link bracelets, multisided beads and designs and free-forming in metal clay.

No group classes scheduled at this time - contact me for private lessons at my home studio - or put your own group together and I can come to you!


Bead Embroidery

Beaded Embroidery - 6 weeks

Throughout history beaded embellishment has been used to ornament clothing, accessories, and create jewelry. Learn different techniques in bead application in projects that can include jewelry, bags, and clothing using beads of all sizes and cabochon cut stones.

Materials and tools are inexpensive and include seed beads of assorted sizes and colors, sequins, flat back stones, small pieces of faux suede, heavy interfacing or "Friendly Felt" (a stiffened felt available at JoAnns), fine needles (size 10 or smaller fit most seed beads), fine thread, scissors, Fray Check and a small embroidery hoop. You can even bring your favorite bag or clothing item to decorate. This is a wonderful way to create unique gifts. For the first class bring seed beads size 6 or 8, a small piece of lightweight fabric, ultrasuede or Friendly Felt, needles, thread, scissors and a small embroidery hoop as well as assorted beads in various sizes. We will go over basic stitches and materials for future classes. It is easier to learn your basic stitches with larger beads (size 6 or 8) before progressing to smaller size seed beads.

No group classes scheduled at this time - contact me for private lessons at my home studio - or put your own group together and I can come to you!


Begonners Kumihimo

Beginner's Kumihimo Class - 6 weeks

You can make beautiful woven jewelry using an ancient Japanese hand loom and various types of material. Starting with a basic weave using cord, you will learn to add beads and various ornamental yarns to your designs, and even how to weave a copper wire bracelet in various colors using a round foam hand loom. This is a very relaxing craft, and your loom and materials fit in a gallon ziploc bag so you can take it along to work on anywhere. Learn the hottest new trend in jewelry making! Bring a kumihimo loom, 8 bobbins, and 8 yards of 1/4" or 1/8" ribbon and scissors to the first class.

No group classes scheduled at this time - contact me for private lessons at my home studio - or put your own group together and I can come to you!



Advanced Kumihimo


Advanced Kumihimo Class - 6 weeks

You've learned the basic "8" weave, now it's time to add more strands to your weave and create beautifully patterned braids. In this advanced class you'll weave 10, 12, and 16 strand weaves, learn to weave over a core material for thicker braids, and complex weaves with multiple steps. Bring your loom, 16 bobbins , 30 yards of 1/4" ribbon and scissors to the first class to create a curling spiral necklace. Materials for future projects will be discussed in the first class. Expand your design possibilities!


No group classes scheduled at this time - contact me for private lessons at my home studio - or put your own group together and I can come to you!

Beginners Bronze Metal Clay

Precious Metal Clay - Beginner's Bronze Metal Clay Class - 6 weeks

Using the new BRONZCLAY(TM) from Metal Adventures, learn how to make pendants, earrings and beads out of pure bronze. In this class, you will learn the basic techniques for working in precious metal clays and create your own original design jewelry. Included are stone setting, using stamps and texture plates, using natural materials for textures, building hollow beads and finishing techniques. BRONZCLAY is easily molded, sculpted, carved and formed and becomes solid bronze when fired. Join us to experience this exciting and inexpensive new medium - bronze is the "new" metal this season!

No group classes scheduled at this time - contact me for private lessons at my home studio - or put your own group together and I can come to you!

All Wired Up

Note: I will not be teaching wirewrapping until next season due to shoulder replacement recovery.

All Wired Up - Wire and Bead Jewelry

Expand your design possibilities with new skills in wire. Learn how to use a wire jig to make your own earwires, clasps, and ornamental shapes, how to make spirals and coils, rings, and simple wire wraps for beads and cabochons in this exciting and fun class. Materials list for first class: 20 gauge copper wire, beads with holes large enough to fit on 20 gauge wire, round nose, needle nose, and nylon jawed flat nose pliers, and wire cutters.

No group classes scheduled at this time - contact me for private lessons at my home studio - or put your own group together and I can come to you!


Begonners Beaded Jewelry

Beginner's Beaded Jewelry

Learn all the basics of beaded jewelry construction in this class for beginners. Starting with elastic bracelets, Beadalon & crimp beads, you will learn how to make beaded wire links, work with chain and charms, build earrings, single and multi-strand necklaces, Memory wire bracelets and necklaces, and finally a beaded "Cleopatra" necklace with a simple beaded netting technique that can be embellished with fringe or teardrop dangles.


No group classes scheduled at this time - contact me for private lessons at my home studio - or put your own group together and I can come to you!

Advanced Beaded Jewelry

Advanced Beaded Jewelry

This class covers multistrand and woven beadalon designs, incorporating wire and beads into complex designs for necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Students should be able to use crimpers well. A large variety of sizes of beads will be used.

No group classes scheduled at this time - contact me for private lessons at my home studio - or put your own group together and I can come to you!


Workshops for 2016

Single Project Workshops

Beaded Jumpring Bracelet Beaded Jump Ring Bracelet

Build a Bracelet with all the look of beaded chain maille without openinbg a single ring! This bead and jump ring bracelet is easy to build and has a nice weight to it- you'll want them in lots of colors! Kit available at class from instructor for $10. each.



Two Strand Beaded Rope Two Strand Beaded Rope

With just two strands of beadalon, you can build a gorgeous fluffy beaded rope. You can make your choice of a bracelet or necklace in this workshop. NOTE: This project requires teardrop or elongated beaded drilled thru the smaller tip. If you want to make a crystal one as shown, acrylic teardrop beads are available which will make this a lighter, more comfortable piece to wear. If done in stone or glass beads it is a fairly heavy piece, but very elegant. Bring at least four 18" strands of tip drilled beads, beadalon, crimper,crimp beads, clasp and wire cutters to class. Any questions, feel free to email me ahead of time.


Spiral Kumihimno Ten Strand Spiral Kumihimo

Using just one simple move, build a beautiful spiral kumihimo rope. Get good at the pattern, and it can even be built in wire! Bring your kumihimo loom, 10 bobbins, 10 yards of 14" or 1/8" ribbon or satin cord for a thicker necklace, in your choice of colors, and scissors. Colors will create a random pattern with this weave.


Bead and Wire Wrap Rings

Bring 20 gauge copper wire in your choice of colors and beads of all shapes and sizes to this fun workshop where you will learn simple wraps to make a variety of ring designs. Also bring wire cutters, needle nose and round nose pliers, nylon jawed pliers, and a ring mandrel if you have one. If not, there will be extras available for your use.




Coiled Wire and Seed Bead Bracelet Coiled Wire and Seed Bead Bracelet

Using copper wire in your choice of colors and seed beads, build an attractive unisex bracelet. Bring 20 and 26 gauge copper wire in your choice or colors, Size 11 & 8 seed beads, a coiling gizmo (available online and at JoAnns and Michaels) wire cutters, round nose and needle nose pliers, and a clasp for your creation!



ZigZag Necklace ZigZag Necklace

This delicate necklace is easy to build, and you'll love it so much you'll want the bracelet and matching earrings too! Bring to class your round nose and needle nose pliers, wire cutters, 70 - 1 1/2" longheadpins, 70 - # 11 seed beads, and 70 - 4mm crystals in the colors of your choice. If you want to build the bracelet, you'll need an additional 32 headpins, seed beads and crystals, the earrings take 12 headpins, seed beads, and crystals for a pair. Done in black and crystal it's pure elegance, or bright jewel tones, even silver and turquoise are stunning!




Private Instruction

To schedule a private class, home show, or workshop, email Colleen at Leave your contact information, and I will get back to you immediately to schedule a date.

Silversmithing, Stone Cutting, and Enameling Classes

Private lessons are taught at my home studio in SW Bradenton. Learn the basics of fabrication plus wire work, bezel settings, and adding castings and stones, while you create pendants, earrings, rings and bracelets. Or learn how to cut beautiful cabachon stones to add to your creations. Add color to copper or metal clay jewelry with lead-free glass enamels. Lessons are project oriented and materials cost varies depending on project and silver market. Instruction is $75.00 per session plus materials, sessions last 1 & 1/2 to 3 hours depending on complexity of the project.

Home Jewelry Shows

Have a party and make some money - or a custom designed piece of jewelry! I will bring beautiful displays of original, handmade jewelry in a wide price range to your home - you supply snacks, drinks and lots of friends! A wonderful way to have one of a kind gifts for the Christmas season, and either make a percentage of the sales or pick a piece of jewelry. I will also supply a door prize!

Precious Metal Clay Workshops

Welcome to the fascinating world of Precious Metal Clay - or as I like to call it, "Alchemy 101"! This exciting material is perfect for workshops and easy enough for inexperienced crafters. I offer introductory and advanced PMC classes including different bead workshops. When you schedule one of the classes below, I will provide all materials and use of tools for the class, PMC, use of the kiln for final firing, and a tumbler for optional polishing of the class projects. Or you can bring your own metal clay of your choice. Classes run 2-3 hours including firing and polishing time for PMC silver.

I charge a fee of $75.00 ($100. and up for the Very Advanced Projects) plus materials (usually $40-60 for .999 silver PMC depending on the type, project, and current market) per student for each workshop, and have many accessories (texturing plates, molds, and tools) for you to experiment with. Now with Bronze Metal Clay instead of PMC silver, you can learn to work in this medium making larger or multiple pieces at a much lower cost. Classes can be one on one or group, although I limit it to 6 students at my studio for more personalized instruction. Get some friends together for a PMC party and create jewelry for each other! When you schedule a class, if you are NOT bringing your own metal clay, a non-refundable materials fee must be paid at least one week in advance so I can order the specific supplies for each project. Besides providing supplies, if you decide you want your own take-home tool kit I have assembled them for you at the reasonable cost of just $15.00@ with what I have found to be the most useful items, or give you a list and sources so you can assemble your own. Most PMC silver projects may be fired and finished the same day. Bronze clay requires overnight firing time, so can be scheduled for pickup at a later date. Firing fee is included in the cost of the workshop. Watch my workshop schedule for silver and bronze clay workshops at my studio and local art centers. See the schedule above or email: for more information or to schedule a private class.

Beginner Projects in Silver PMC

Textured pendant
Create a textured pendant set with a CZ. I will supply a selection of texture plates, rubber stamps and CZ's for your project. Learn to attach a separately formed bail and various ways to set a stone.

Textured Earrings
Complete a matched pair of earrings using various texture plates, rubber stamps and CZ'z for a spakling accent, and sterling silver earwires (gold plated for bronze earrings).

Woven PMC pin
Learn how to "weave" PMC+ paper and create a pin with a woven overlay on PMC clay. Optional CZ setting in pendant.

Leaf Casts
Make a "leaf cast" with layers PMC slip - becomes a perfect pure silver leaf on firing. Use it to create a pendant or pin.

Folded PMC Paper Pendant
A delicate favorite, you will learn to fold PMC+ paper into various shapes, and add CZ stones to your creation.

Hollow Beads in Silver PMC
How to make a burn-away core, construct a hollow bead and decorate it with clay ornamentation using PMC and CZ's to accent if desired.

PMC Slip beads over Bisque
Coat a bisque bead with PMC slip and decorate with slip in a tube.

More Advanced Projects

Rings with stones : sizing and stone setting
Learn how to size a ring with PMC shrinkage factored in and construct a flat band and center medallion with inset stone using PMC3 and CZ's. Band may be textured with various texture plates and stamps I will provide.

Mold Making and Using Molds
Learn to create your own molds with two part silicone molding compound and use this to create a molded pendant. You are encouraged to bring your favorite flat small object to mold. Antique buttons are great for this project!

Photopolymer Plates
Learn how any black and white design can be turned into a stamp plate to use with your precious metal clay. Using a light sensative photopolymer plate, you will create a stamp and use it to make a pendant in PMC.

Geometric Forms with PMC
Although PMC is wonderful for free form designs, very exact geometric forms can be accomplished, using paper patterns, slip to connect pieces, and careful sanding while in the hard clay stage. These forms may be used to create numerous jewelry objects.

Very Advanced Projects

Many of these projects will take 4 or more hours due to drying and firing time. Bring a lunch and enjoy a break in our garden by the koi pond, or your choice of seafood, Chinese, or Italian restaurants are a block away!

Advanced Stone Setting and Clay Carving Techniques
For the steady of hand (and nerves!) in this workshop a pendant will be created, dried to the hard clay stage, pierced with very fine drill bits and files. Then "prong" set or "tube" set CZ stones will be added using PMC+ clay & slip. You will learn what stones may be fired "in place" and how to add cast prong settings to a PMC piece for stones that cannot be put in a kiln.

Enameling on PMC
Create a stamped or textured fine silver pendant and after firing and polishing, enamel it. I use lead-free Thompson enamels, and this workshop will take a minimum of 4 hours. I will supply all enamel supplies at no additional cost.

Hinged Box Pendants
Students will create a box pendant with a lid that will be hinged on with sterling wire. A CZ or small molded PMC object may be set inside the "Box" for a surprise element to the design. I will supply the sterling silver wire at no additional cost.

Bronze Clay Bead Making
Beads of all shapes and sizes can be created with metal clay. Bronze clay beads are created with hollow form construction technique. For some shapes in bronze this can be an all day workshop, and some bead shapes may require sessions over two days to allow for drying time.

If you would rather have a course on handling different types of PMC, I also offer multi-week beginners and advanced courses. I have found that most students prefer to "pick" their projects so I broke it down into the above workshops, but this is another option. If you are visiting the area for a limited amount of time, we can even do a daily course depending on my availability.

Beading Workshops and Parties

Beading Workshops include all materials PLUS your choice of gorgeous glass beads from my extensive collection! And don't forget to bring your own favorite beads, buttons, dangles and charms to add in. Get a group together and pick one of the projects below for a beading party - it's a wonderful way to spend an afternoon with your friends. Make matching bracelets, necklaces, or earrings for birthdays, reunions or bridesmaids as a reminder of that special occasion. If you want to match a particular color scheme, let me know in advance, and I will provide everything. Freshwater pearls and Swarovski crystals available at an additional cost for those extra special occasions. Dozens of colors and sizes available.

Minimum 4 students for workshops below. If you prefer private lessons, you can bring your own materials and the rate is $75. per 2 hour lesson. Or I can supply all your materials for a nominal fee.

Beaded Elastic Bracelets
Learn to string single and multistrand elastic bracelets - these make wonderful quick gift items. Bring your charms to add in! $25.00@ for workshop includes all materials

Making A Bracelet with Beadalon and Crimp Beads
How to use coated jewelry wire and crimp beads to make bracelets. Add your own charms. Includes clasp! $30.00@ for workshop includes all materials

Necklaces with Beadalon & Crimp Beads
How to use coated jewelry wire and crimp beads to make a 20" long necklace. Add your own dangles, charms, or pendants. Includes clasp! $35.00@ for workshop includes all materials

Memory Wire Bracelet
Using memory wire and assorted beads, make a spiral bracelet that adjusts to any size wrist. Includes learning 3 ways to finish off ends, adding dangles and charms, and this is a great project to add rear shank buttons to - look through your old button box or check the local fabric stores for glittery baubles! $30.00@ for workshop includes all materials

How to use headpins, earwires and beads to make beautiful earrings to match any outfit. A great gift item, quick and easy to make. Learn to make both open and wrapped loops, and link them for a longer earring. $20.00@ for workshop includes all materials for one pair of earrings, $6.00 materials fee for each additional pair

Polymer Clay Workshops

Each Beginners Workshop runs approx. 3 hours. Use of tools,baking, and finishing of projects is included. Maximum 6 students in each workshop so individual attention can be given. Get your friends together and have a "Clay Play Day"! The Basic Polymer Bead workshop is a great "starter" class to introduce you to the working properties of this exciting medium, but you don't have to start there - most projects are easy enough for anyone to make and take home beautiful pendants and beads. Beginners classes are $75.00 per student which includes use of tools. Bring your own favorite clay colors, along with any colors stated on lesson. Faux stone and Advanced Projects are $90. per student and include all clays and other materials required for that particular project.

Beginner's Workshops

Basic Polymer Beads
Love making beaded jewelry? Now you can learn to make your own custom beads in this workshop that begins with an introduction to the materials and tools for bead making, including techniques and tools for conditioning raw clay, mixing colors, measuring and making simple shapes, including round, disk, folded saddle, spiral, lentil and shells. This workshop is recommended for anyone who has not worked with polymer clay before as it will give you experience in the properties of polymer clay and basic handling, shaping, and finishing techniques. Bring your favorite colors plus black & white clays.

Making Faux Antique Metal Beads and Pendants
In this workshop you will learn to make different bead and pendant shapes, using texture plates, cutters, and rubber stamps to impress designs, then finish with metallic rubs to imitate the look of antique metals. Bring black clay.

Wrapped Rope Twist Beads
Two techniques are covered in this workshop. How to use an extruder to make strings of graduated color to wrap or decorate beads, and using the extruder to make multicolored rope twist beads which are sliced on the sides to reveal layers of color. REQUIRES an extruder (clay gun). Bring your favorite clay colors, and be sure to have plenty of contrast in the colors!

Applique Beads
How to make "bumpy beads" appliqued with layers of color! Simulates the look of lamp worked beads at a fraction of the cost! Includes finishing techniques for that "glassy" look. Bring your favorite clay colors, be sure to have plenty of contrast in the colors. Black or very dark colors for the base along with very bright colors (yellow, lime green, reds, oranges, bright blues) for the "bumps" really make these pop!

Rorschach Beads
These mirror image designs are also called "inside out" beads as the insides are literally turned to the outside to produce the fascinating and unpredictable effects. With just two colors of clay, you will produce amazing designs on rectangular beads by simply rolling and slicing. Bring two favorite clay colors, and be sure to have plenty of contrast in the colors!

Picture Frame Pendants
Participants are asked to bring a 1 1/2"sq. print (Not on photo paper, but computer printout, copy, or magazine picture) which they will frame under glass with a decorative clay border, and finish in a antique gold or silver finish. Great gift item which can be made into a pendant or pin. Bring black and white clay.

Pendants with Glass Inserts
Embedding glass "pebbles" into clay and embellishing the frame to make a glittering focal piece. with the look of a stained glass window. Includes finishing with metallic rubs for a antique gold or silver look. Bring black and white clay.

Create your own Totem Pendant
This creative workshop starts with a prefired face, which students will mount on a pendant, then add clay "hair", headdresses, jewelry, and beads to create their own "Goddess" or Totem pendant. Participants are encouraged to bring small metal or glass beads and embellishments to add to their creation. One of the most interesting and fun workshops, as everyone comes up with something different! Bring lots of colors to play with!

Making Faux Stone Beads and Pendants

Produce fabulous faux effects like turquoise, marble, jade, pearls of all colors, onyx, lapis and more. As each of these require specific clays, they are included in the class price. Each of these workshops introduce the use of paints, powders and metallic leaf to simulate the look of semi-precious stones. Also includes techniques on finishing and polishing your creations.

Faux Turquoise
Using polymer clay and acrylic paint, you will learn how to make both Southwestern and (sky-blue) and Eastern (greenish-blue) turquoise. Shaped or nugget beads and pendants are all covered in this workshop.

Veined Marble
Mixing translucent clays and pearl powders with paint and colored clays can produce authentic looking marble. Includes wet sanding and finishing techniques - this one requires a little elbow grease!

Faux Jade
Mixing translucent and colored clays to create realistic looking mottled green jade in various shapes and sizes.

Faux Pearl
Mixing and layering pearl clay with color to create striking mother of pearl look shapes. Also how to use pearl powders to create "pearl" beads of all colors.

Faux Lapis Lazuli
Make stunning Lapis lazuli using clay and gold leaf to simulate the various shades of lapis, from pale "denim" lapis to AAA Afghanistan deep blues.

How to use various layers of clays and acrylic paint to build stunning layered beads with the look of banded onyx. REQUIRES a pasta rolling machine.

Faux Amber
Mixing colored clays with translucents and finishing with acrylic paint to create realistic looking "amber" of various shades.

Faux Coral
Mixing colors, extruding, rolling, pinching & forming, texturing and finishing with acrylic paint are all part of this workshop where you will create authentic looking "coral branches" and beads. An extruder is helpful but not required, hand rolling can be substituted.

Faux Ivory & Bone
Using a simple layering technique and acrylic paint, you will create pendants and beads of various shapes and sizes with the look of carved bone or ivory. Includes how to create a "carved bone" pendant with designs of your choice. REQUIRES a pasta rolling machine.

Advanced Classes

These workshops are for students who have taken some of the basic workshops in polymer clay and would like to learn more advanced techniques including Skinner blends and cane building. A pasta rolling machine is required for most of these classes. As each of these require specific clays, they are included in the class price. These classes include multiple colors of clay, metallic leaf, paints and finishes. Some may run up to 4 hours.

Mokume Gane
Using Mica Shift clays to produce faux mokume gane. This amazingly complex looking finish is actually easy to reproduce in polymer clay. Make sheets of mokume gane to cover beads or other small objects. Simply stunning! REQUIRES a pasta rolling machine.

Hills & Valleys: Using a mokume gane technique and metallic foils, striking glittery swirled beads can easily be created an any combination of colors. One of the easier but most impressive looking techniques for making beads that look like Venetian glass. Can also be used to cover boxes or other small objects. REQUIRES a pasta rolling machine. You can bring some of your favorite colors for this one!

Faux Dichroic Glass Pendants or Beads
How to use foils, powders, and paint to reproduce the look of expensive dichroic glass! The results of this exciting technique will amaze you! REQUIRES a pasta rolling machine.

Molded Faux Enameled Pendants
Using rubber stamps, metallic powders, acrylic paints and liquid polymer clay to create beautiful pendants with the look of Cloisonne work. Participants are encouraged to bring their favorite rubber stamps - just remember the design MUST make a narrow raised rim to hold the faux "enamel". Includes how to create your own raised edge stamps using foam sheets.

Skinner Blends and Simple Canes
How to make "Skinner blends" - combining 2 or more different colors of clay so they blend smoothly from one solid color to another. NOTE: A pasta rolling machine is REQUIRED to make a Skinner blend. Then how to combine the blends with solid colors in rolled logs to produce striking spiral patterned beads and pendants. You can bring your favorite colors of clay for this one.

Combing and Feathering
How to mix, roll, and comb clay to produce the look of "knitted" patterns on beads or pendants of various shapes. REQUIRES a pasta rolling machine. You can bring your favorite colors of clay for this one.

Flower Power Canes
Learn to make simple flower canes to reproduce the look of milifiore beads. These canes can also be used to cover boxes or other small objects. REQUIRES a pasta rolling machine. You can bring your favorite colors of clay for this one.

Kaleidoscope Canes
Using black, white, and colored clays, Skinner blends, and simple canes to make designs reminiscent of kaleidoscope patterns. Use these canes to make beads, pendants, or cover small objects. REQUIRES a pasta rolling machine. You can bring your favorite colors of clay for this one.

Leaf Canes
This more complicated caning technique teaches how to create a cane that when sliced, looks like veined leaves. Wonderful to combine with flower canes, layer over scrap clay for a focal bead, cover boxes or small objects, or simply use thick slices by themselves for an exciting "leaf" bead. REQUIRES a pasta rolling machine.

Petal Canes
This complex cane creates stunning striped and spotted flower petals. Includes how to assemble your cane into beautiful blooms. REQUIRES a pasata rolling machine.